Brief Introduction About The SSSTS Training Program

The SSSTS training program forms an integral segment of the Construction Skills Site Safety and a plethora of other courses, which are highly regarded within the construction sector. The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme today is the standard qualification for taking up the charge of a supervisor around the world. This two-day training course makes potential supervisors aware of all the probable daily health and safety concerns, a site supervisor may have to confront during his or her tenure. This course provides a site supervisor both the information and knowledge of handle any sort of tricky and complicated situation.

Apart from health & safety, the SSSTS course provides supervisors with the knowledge of the environmental issues and how it can have an impact on the working of your team. Moreover, look in the legal responsibilities one has a supervisor at a construction site, this course properly defines set of activities and measures to be taken for the welfare of the workers. This two day training is also about highlighting the importance to promote safety and health amidst the workers, and what they can do to establish their good health. Candidates those are already a supervisor or about to step into the big shoes of a supervisor are eligible to undergo this training program to learn & horn their supervising skills.

The SSSTS course covers-let’s have a tour

  • The supervisor’s role
  • Health & safety law & enforcement
  • Safe systems of work
  • Health & safety management
  • Permit systems
  • Fire prevention & control
  • Hazardous substances (COSHH)
  • Presentation of toolbox talks
  • CDM (Construction Design & Management Regulations)
  • Working at height
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Manual handling
  • Accidents & first aid
  • Behaviour & intervention skills

Certification of SSSTS training program-how to obtain that?

In order to get a proper certification of your SSSTS training, you need to pass the test after the two days of learning, plus, the regular interaction sessions, based on that the institution where you undergoing this course will provide with a fair assessment. So, a student of this course, you got to alert and ready to learn new things, otherwise taking up this course will surely mean a waste your time. The certification of the SSSTS course is valid for five years, however, with the ever-changing legal and the working at construction sites, it is best to undertake the training again every two years.

Managing a construction course-why take up this course?

For a present or potential site supervisor, the sole reason to invest time and resource on the SSSTS course is quite simple, this training will add to their experience and knowledge, backing them to follow their career pursuits based on their terms.

This course is available both online and offline, you can pick as per your needs and convenience. However, it is often recommended to opt for the physical training program, as you will able to learn every in and out of the safety aspect practically.