Check the broker services before going for trading

For a trader to have a right trading strategy is much important to fetch the desired profit but before that getting the right demat and trading account from a right broker is also equally important. As the market has a lot of such service providers, it becomes difficult for an individual to get the right service provider and hence he needs to carry out small research which can lead to the desired service provider.

The account:

For a trader before jumping into the ocean of trading it is much required to know what sort of account he will need, how much trading he is planning to carry out and what will be the brokerage and other charges. One can check the services of top 10 stock brokers in India who are famous for their client services. One also needs to know in which segment he needs to carry out the trade. For this, he must be aware of the ins and outs of the concerned segment and have hold on the trading activities. A small error at this stage can lead to the complete devastation of one’s financial profile. Hence one needs to be extremely careful at this stage only.

For the trader as well as investor it is important to get demat,and a trading account opened before starting the trades. One can check the top 10 stock brokers in India who offer quality services to the clients and get the accounts opened with any of them. The opening of a demat account is a matter of few days,and the trading account can then be opened in few hours also.

How to get the account opened?

The Demat account can be opened by the CDSL or NSDL which are tow authorized institutions by the SEBI which regulates the Indian stock market. Here one needs to provide a few of the personal documents which must include a copy of an Identity proof and a copy of address proof. In addition to them, one also needs to furnish the copy of PAN card. A canceled cheque is also much required to be provided as a valid bank proof.

In the market, various types of brokerages that one can go for. Some brokers charge one-time brokerage but in advance and then the client is not charged any brokerage to a certain number of transactions or for certain months. The standard brokerage is charged by the common brokers in which the charges for delivery trades are higher than the same for the intraday.

One can go for the trading in cash or derivative segment whichever is convenient to him. However before going for any of these segments, one needs to have complete knowledge of the segment. In the derivatives, there are contracts for various periods,and one needs to go for the one where he feels trade will be feasible for him. The most important point here is one needs to clear the position before the expiry else it gets squared off automatically.