Successful tips for a weight loss surgery

There is no fixed formula in life. You cannot have any form of guarantee as well. But as far as the success of this surgery is concerned it is in your own hands. You would need to make necessary changes in your lifestyle so that positive outcomes emerge. As per the inputs of the best bariatric surgeon in India the success of the surgery would be dependent on your ability to cope up with the necessary lifestyle changes. Let us go on to divide it further and understand how you can recover faster from this surgery. Let us go on to explore them as follows

Do not have more than 3 meals a day

It has to be understood that the body does not need more than 3 meals a day. You would need to listen to the hunger cues and then take a clue. The food is known to trigger the impulse levels and this would mean nearly 50 % of the change needed. Coupled with the fact you need to be motivated and committed to follow the post-surgical methods.

The first meal has to be protein

When you consume protein it does go on to take care of the nutritional needs of the body. Perhaps the most important point of consideration is that protein does stay in your stomach for a longer period of time which makes your stomach more full. Once the surgery is over you should stop eating before you do become full. If you do not adopt such a stance, most times than not you will be a lot uncomfortable as well. It will make you hungry at the same time.

Drink water

Your ideal goal needs to be above 64 ounces or more. The moment the term water comes to the mind it is only water. A lot of people do confuse it with soda, tea and other drinks. If you opt for flavoured drinks it makes you hungrier. This is not recommended after a weight loss surgery. In this regard there is an exception and this would be protein shakes. Ideally you can have it half an hour before a meal and then after a meal around 60 minutes or so.


A lot of times it would come to your notice that exercise is not the ultimate solution in terms of weight loss surgery. But a certain degree of exercise is good on all counts. It goes on to release hormones which not only helps you to lose weight but makes you less hungry in the process as well. You do have a degree of mobility and it goes on to have an impact on each and every organ of your body.

To conclude, keep away from snacks at all point of time.  You cannot go on to change the habits, but the digestive system could be altered to a considerable extend. One of the main enemies of weight loss surgery has to be snacking.

Do remember the following points as far as weight loss surgery is concerned.