Tips to recover from a heart surgery

Any phase of heart surgery could stretch from around 6 to 7 weeks. The moment you are released from the hospital you will get a plan for your post-operative care. It will help you on the physical front and you do feel a lot better as well.

The wound care

The surgeon would have made a cut and keep it as dry and clean as possible. In an ideal scenario you will be able to take a bath or a shower within a few days as well. In case of any infection you would need to call a doctor. This would be if you have come across any redness around the area of the dirt. In addition you could face constant symptoms of fever that would be on the higher side as well. Just get in touch with your doctor if you feel that the breast bone would be prone to shifting. The same situation could arise when it cracks or on the move as well.

Relief from pain

The doctor is likely to prescribe pain relief medicines before you leave the hospital. In your muscles and around the cut you might feel a degree of discomfort as well. It would mean numbness, stiffness or itching around the infected area. These are normal and it should not be hurting much before the day your surgery did take place. In case if you have been part of a bypass surgery, the legs will cut more than the chest. This would be if the surgeon goes on to use leg veins in the form of grafts. The region might be stiff or sore and that would fade with the passage of time as well. Any type of general exercise at a gentle level would also be of help.

Activity levels

In the first few weeks, the doctor will ask you to build up on the activity levels. This would be in the form of doing household chores as well. The doctors are generally of the opinion that

  • You should not stand in a place for 15 minutes at a single go
  • Do not go on to lift things that are more than 10 pounds
  • Do not lift or push heavy things

Do make it a point that you walk every day. Do follow the guidelines which the cardiac specialist has given to you.  Till the time you are told not to climb stairs, you need to refrain from it as well.  The doctor will give you thumbs up on when you can start driving again. Generally after a month or so you can start driving once again. It could be more sooner if the incision did take place with a small cut. You do not have to wait for a long period of time

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