The Downside of Shared Office Space

No doubt, I am a big fan of utilizing and working on a shared office space for many years and have heard mostly great reviews and positive feedback about it and honestly speaking, you cannot find a single flaw of it and a lot of startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as freelancers, have nothing but praises to this innovative way to utilize office space.

However, it would be pretty boring to discuss more its advantages, benefits and other positive feedbacks about shared office space because no matter how perfect it is for many, the truth is that it has still its own downsides that we should discuss in a healthy and non-judgmental manner. We do not want to crucify or strip the recognition shared office space facilities earned from its patrons, but it would be important also to discuss its disadvantages so that the companies that run shared office space will further innovate and correct these mistakes for the betterment of everyone.

So, in this article, we will discuss the negative side of shared office spaces and if you feel uncomfortable or disagree with what this article mentions, feel free to skip this one.

COSTS A LOT OF MONEY- Since most shared office spaces can be used if it is rented out by certain startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or freelancers, a lot of the owners of these facilities are giving them flexible contracts that could be for monthly basis, quarterly or even annually but for young entrepreneurs who just began their business venture, this is very costly and in the long run, renting the space could cost more than constructing or opening up your own office space.

DISTRACTION- Noise, constantly moving people, and of course more noise. Unlike conventional office spaces where there is a designated cubicle or a room for employees, shared office space does not have any walls or borders because of its goal to propagate collaboration between startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and freelancers but we all know that not everyone wants this kind of stuff. Not everyone does not want the energetic environment and atmosphere in a shared office space that will distract them from their work.

PROCRASTINATION- You will lose a lot of time for socializing with other groups utilizing the office space for sure especially if you agree on such things or most probably you share the common goals and ideas and instead of finishing a project, or a slideshow perhaps for your presentation, you wasted tons of hours talking to that person, yes it is one way for collaborating with other people using the office space but you should always put in your mind that you should prioritize your work first before you deal with someone else.

DISTANCE- Not everyone is living in the metropolis, some of us are residing in the outskirts of the city that we are working at and transportation nowadays is merely cheap and in the long run, going to that shared office space where your company is currently niched could be costly.

CHANGING ENVIRONMENT- We should admit that we are only temporarily utilizing this kind of office space and everyone surrounding you currently will move out and will be replaced by another team. There could be separation anxiety that might set in especially if you have collaborated with that certain team that moved out. Volatility could be the main disadvantage of a shared office space not because its current clients move out but the facility’s owners also constantly changing the facility’s furniture, style and other stuff to make it look fresh and attractive to everyone.

The disadvantages did not outweigh the benefits and the good things brought by a shared office space, right? If you are planning to rent one, feel free to click on this link to know more.