Electrical Safety Tips

We rely on electricity, but sometimes underestimate its capability of causing injury. The majority of fires and fatal electric shock accidents are caused by faults in the electrical wiring systems. The causes and contexts of accidents remain the same, as 25% of all electrical injury accidents is portable electrical equipment (PPE). Certainly, overall safety of the electrical installation is your own direct responsibility as a homeowner. It is better to leave the installation of your electrical system to licensed electricians that will providequality of workmanship, follow standards of performance and predict possible hazards. Electrical works done by unqualified installers or tenants can lead to the described faults.

It is vitally important to perform all kinds of electrical works, inspection, testing and maintenance of new or altered electrical systems by competent certified electricians at least every 5 years or after any kinds of repair works.Not only with a licensed electrician make sure your electrical system meets with all required safety codes, they can also oversee the installation of common safety products. Common visual inspections must be provided as frequently as possible. The following problems should be responded immediately:


– Anything flickering or any overheating appliance

– Odd noises or behavior in machinery.

– Water around electrical fittings

– Scorch marks, cracked switch, chafed wires, loose components

– Insulation failure

– Smells of ozone or burnt plastic.

Get the fact,there are a number of simple precautions you can take at home that will prevent injuries related to your home’s electrical systems.

  • Neveroverloadanoutlet.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances in wet places. If you must work in a wet or damp area, always use a portable GFCI outlet for the needed appliance.
  • Always remove cords from a socket by grabbing the plug. Never tug on an appliance cord. Removing cords in this fashion can lead to fraying, and frayed cords can cause electrical shock.
  • Frayed cords that are under or on carpet can cause a fire and should be replaced or repaired.
  • Always use the recommended wattage bulb in lamps and light fixtures.

Given the potential safety risks perfectionism is crucial for electrical works, that is why electrical inspection and testing training is so important. It is recommended to get a general system audit regularly by your certified electrical contractor. It can be used as a planning tool for future electrical installation needs.