Some practical inputs on how to recover from a spine surgery

Problem with the back is a compounded mystery. In order to combat this visit to the best spine surgeon in India would not be a bad idea at all. Some of the steps taken in this regard are as follows.

The heat along with ice could reduce the pain

It is not only about body positioning as well as a comfortable pair of clothes. It is suggested that frequent icing during the first 2 to3 days of the surgery would be important. It goes on to reduce the pain to a considerable extent. With heat you can go on to try reducing the pain. This would be a worthy option for sure.

Sleep comfortable

If you are able to sleep in a comfortable manner it does add up to the process of recovery faster. You can manage the lower back pain with the help of better body positioning. After a back surgery you can go on to sleep in whatever position that might seem comfortable to you. Some people try to sleep on the left side, whereas in case of others they might take solace in positioning a pillow. If the need arises you can lay the face up on the bed as well.

Take part in the process of rehab

There goes without saying that the patient needs to follow the rehab process in the best possible way. Though walking or stretching can contribute to the recovery process in a big way.It would reduce the chances of pain recurring in the immediate future as well. With the aid of exercise the overall good factor of a patient does increase to a considerable level and positive hormone swings are witnessed in the body as well.

  • It would be better that patients stretch on a regular basis after the surgery is over. Do follow the recommendations of your physician on what they mean by safe stretching at this point of time.
  • It would be better if you move regularly. This would bring nutrients to the area as well. As a patient you need to understand what works best for you. If there is any restriction on any activity you need to be aware of it as well.  There are some activities like

Refer to the surgeon on whether post-surgical bracing would be needed

Do ask the surgeon on whether braces will be needed after surgery and if so what would be the obvious style. Some of them can be customized as per your needs, whereas you could look for the standard options as well. In case if you need a large one then it would better if you wear cotton clothes as they could be fitted under your dress. It would be fairly important that you are aware of the type of brace you need. This would help you figure out whether you need assistance or any form of help during this phase. There are some activities like swimming or running which are prohibited at this point of time.