The vast world of hair care

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding how hair grows in general and what makes it grow faster. Women all over the world love their hair, whether short or long, brown or grey, thin or thick. A lot of what they believe is branched out of misconceptions, which is why this article will take you through a few of them and help you understand what the truth actually is. Let’s read the following observations.

  1. Plucking a gray hair will lead to two growing in its place. This statement is very redundant because if you pull out one gray hair, not more than one will come back in its place because it’s impossible for more than one hair fibre to come out of the hair shaft and more info laser hair removal in delhi.
  2. Fish oil is essential in stimulating hair growth. Which is why not enough consumption of the same may lead to hair loss. However the fatty acid that is actually directly linked with growth in hair is Omega-6. This is commonly found in vegetable oil and meat. Most of the Europeans and Americans consume this in their daily diets, therefore consuming supplements along with it is not necessary. However if the problem is about dandruff and proper hair care,then shampoo ketomac is the solution.
  3. Stress cannot make you gray overnight. Hair grows from the roots and does not change once it’s out and growing. This is not affected by how band your day has been or how stressed you are at work. Genetics mainly determine how fast you get premature graying and environmental factors such as smoking, can also lead to your hair turning gray. Shampoo ketomac helps with this exact same process it well.
  4. Brushing your hair every night before going to bed will not make your hair healthy and thicker. There is nothing farther away from the truth than this statement. Hair is like any other fibre there is, like wool and is prone to extreme wear and tear. This leads to loss of luster and the manageability of the same becomes very difficult. Washing dry hair regularly and going to get a hair colour every now and then can worsen the problems. If you want to cut back on the damage, it is advisable that you use smooth plastic or wooden combs instead of brushes with bristles. Bristled brushes will not only damage your hair but also cause irritation to your scalp.
  5. There is a common myth that hair continues to grow after after someone dies. This is in no way true. It may feel that after death, dehydration makes the hair and the nails look longer. However in reality this isn’t true at all.
  6. Shaving and waxing doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker. Shaving doesn’t change how quickly your body hair grows and how much of it returns back. The only problem with shaving is that it can leave stubbles and blunts. Itchy scalp requires shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp
  7. This makes the hair feel thicker and darker than normal.