Lord Krishna Paintings: A Holy Symbol of Simplicity and Consciousness

There have been numerous speculations about who Krishna was. As long as history witnesses, the divine beings on this earth came along with some of the mightiest titles along with them. Some were kings, others were warriors or the religious gurus. Out of these, only Jesus Christ (the son of God as per Christianity) and Krishna (the reincarnation of Vishnu) never hold a supreme title along with them.

Jesus, as all know, was a shepherd and Krishna, was a cowherd. Lord Krishna is an inspirational yet a plaindepiction of how simple divinity can be. In Hindi language, Krishna is known as ‘Gopala’, the cowherd. In terms of social status, a cowherd is not so prominent or significant to the society. Still, no one could ever ignore the charm and magical essence that Krishna holds. The beauty, the wisdom, the strength, the valor, and the electrifying aura that Krishna holds was irresistible for anyone.

Since the time when Krishna was a toddler, people could not oversee the greatness that lied in this superior being. Quite a few people tried to demean and devalue Krishna by saying “He is a cowherd”, but then again, everything turned over. A majority of people celebrated the fact that “Krishna is a cowherd” and it’s a fortunate accident that he is living among them.

The term ‘Govinda’ was given to Krishna as a means of respecting him as a pure divine being. Even the alluring Lord Krishna paintings that were crafted by artists all across India reflected the simplicity and divinity combined together.

The ‘RaasLeela’ perception

Not everyone can understand that hidden interpretation of the term “RaasLeela” associated with the life of Krishna. The word ‘Leela” means to play and the word ‘Raas’ means the juice of life. So, by the holistic term, it is depicted that the subtle measure of life and the eventual nature of existence can be offered in a playful manner.

In most of the Lord Krishna paintings,it is shown that the divine being is dancing with innumerous Gopis surrounding him. The reality is that Krishna and his devotees (the Gopis)used to get so much submerged into the playfulness with the juices of life that there was no space left for desire, lust or jealousy. The only thing that persisted in that very moment was life only.

As per the religious experts and knowledgeable saints, the fruits of life can only exist if there is no anger and no desire. Hence the auspicious and pious dance of ‘RaasLeela’ was nothing more than an act of life, just on another level of purity.

Krishna: Space where only life sustains

In all of the enthralling Lord Krishna paintings, there is a miraculous peace that always resides. Whether it’s a solo painting of Lord Krishna or whether the artwork represents him with Radha, along with the urbanity and glamor, these artworks always bring peace and serenity to the entire aura.

Since India is a nation ofmultiple beliefs and values, different perceptions of deities areinevitable. But, Krishna is more than just a divine being. He is the consciousness that staysin each one of us. He is the goodness that resides in every one of us.

As per Tamil saints, Krishna resembles an empty void, space where there is no room for desire and anger. This state of life is known as the way Krishna wants us to live; without any hatred and without any craving, just embracing life with pure joy and love.

Krishna: His paramount teachings

During the great war of Mahabharata, Krishna sang the famed celestial song also called as Bhagwad Geeta. Till date, it is perhaps one of the most educational and practical verses of life teachings.

A lot of Lord Krishna paintings depicted this scene. One such teaching was the sense of detachment. It is said thatfor all the spiritual beings, feeling a sense of detachment is a must. Because once a being is duly detached from the duality of this materialistic world, then only it could adhere with the singularity of its own self – divinity.

For more enlightening lessons, I prefer you read Bhagwad Geeta once and decide for yourself.

Final words

Lord Krishna was the last avatar or reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. His life was not all happy but carried a load of lessons that everyone in this world needs to follow.

Having an aesthetic painting of Lord Krishna will bring you closer to the consciousness that lies inside you and will offer you the valor and peace. Share your view on the same in the comment section below.