Bath as a beautiful film location

Bath is a beautiful City steeped in history and is surrounded by some incredible landscapes. It is no surprise then that is a popular place for film and television show locations. The invention of the television revolutionised the home entertainment possibilities for families across the country. With the further inventions of the television aerial and then the establishment of Bath TV aerial installation companies the possibility of broadcasting to the masses was realised and achieved.

The beautiful Georgian architecture along with Bath Abbey and Roman Baths as well as its vibrant contemporary feel makes Bath the perfect location for many different genres of television shows and even blockbuster films. Here are some of the many programmes and their respective Bath locations:

  • Les Miserables – the 2013 film, although obviously based in France was actually filmed in many different parts of England. Bath was the location chosen for scene depicting the death of Javert and was a stunt heavy scene. It was filmed on the Pulteney Bridge and Weir. The film brought the very popular musical to the masses on the big screen and starred the likes of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. The story is set in post-revolutionary France and follows the life and recent release from prison of Jean Valjean. The film culminates alongside the occurrence of the June Rebellion. It is thought that the film budget was around $61 million but the film brought in a worldwide revenue of nearly $442 million.

  • Persuasion – the ITV film production shown in 2007 was an adaptation of the last novel of Jane Austen who reportedly lived in Bath, so it made perfect sense to use this as a location. At least eleven different Bath locations were used in the film, including the Royal Crescent, Assembly Rooms, Pump Rooms, Dyrham Park and Great Chalfield Park. The film starred Anthony Head as Sir Walter Elliot, Sally Hawkins as Anne Elliot and Julie Davis as Elizabeth Elliot. The story follows the will they won’t they love relationship between Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot, lovers who meet again following eight years apart after he was rejected. They meet again on the family estate and both feel the same feelings they had for one another years ago, after parting again the couple meet once more on the streets of Bath.

  • Fantastic Mr Fox – although only an animated film the Roald Dahl classic made in 2009 featuring George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray has a beautiful animated depiction of Bath’s Little Theatre.