The Best Communication Means: Easy and Suitable for Everyone!

Being able to communicate with your loved ones or other people of importance is a crucial thing as a person, especially those in abroad or residing overseas. But unfortunately, there are factors that negatively affect or hinder a person’s ability to communicate such as old age and physical disabilities.   And that is where the Konnekt Videophone is beneficial.  It can Konner Smart Phones and associate face – to – face or just a call via iPad, tablet, portable or PC overall by means of Skype. It is a simple video phone for the elderly.

Konnekt Videophone is the world’s simplest and utmost user-friendly phone, outlined particularly for the elderly and those with an incapacity or hearing misfortune. It is the primary phone that really diminishes dementia and brings down the chance of depression. It additionally empowers the family to be outstanding parental figures.

Simple video phone for elderly gives a straightforward and powerful approach to outwardly check for indications of stress and weakness. Calls from confided in contacts can be associated naturally, so you can see, hear and offer solace in case of a fall or crisis. In fact, the Konnekt Videophone won an award of the “Best Consumer Friendly Product in Aged Care” for being easy to use, portable, and versatile. Thus, it is the best solution for those with precarious hands, low vision, poor hearing.

How simple can Konnekt Videophone be?

Konnekt Videophone is designed mainly for aged people and those with physical disabilities so they can also enjoy the freedom of being in touch with their loved ones. Thus, it is very simple and easy to use!

There are no Computer Skills Required – no logins, passwords, symbols or menus, customized contacts, catches, content sizes, hues, and dialect. Konnekt does all set up. Each call button is extensive, clear and simple to peruse, and contains one of your picked contacts. The call buttons can be named and orchestrated the manner in which you need. And to call someone, you essentially click the name button. No numbers to recall, no menus, no symbols. Our One Touch Video Phone is quick and simple.

The Konnekt Videophone requires no preparation. It’s less demanding to use than your standard mobile phone. There’s no console, mouse or stylus. There’s not, in any case, a handset to get or headset to wear. All you require is a finger. Also, there’s not by any means a menu. That is the means by which basic it is!

In contrast to a tablet or a workstation, it does not require to be turned on or charged, there are no projects to run, it cannot be lost, it will not be consumed to space with poor Wi-Fi, and there are no batteries to go level or irritating remotes to lose.

And for privacy, when one of your contacts calls you, the Konnekt videophone rings uproariously with an unmistakable ring. The screen demonstrates your guest’s name in enormous letters that are anything but difficult to peruse from a separation, with the goal that you always know who is calling. And to answer the call, you basically contact the huge green ANSWER button. On the off chance that you choose not to answer the guest, you can either give it a chance to ring or you can press the enormous red REJECT button.

Konnekt’s One Touch Video Phone astutely blocks calls from obscure guests, so you never need to stress over being aggravated or woken up by telemarketers, fraudsters or “wrong number” calls. You can likewise request to block approaching calls from chosen known contacts, or, in other words, you have a companion who here and there aggravates you or calls when you rest.

The Konnekt Videophone is also loud and large, and you can hear it ring a few rooms away. Telemarketers and fraudsters are blocked. Named parental figures can be addressed consequently, to diminish the stress. What is more interesting is that the Konnekt Videophone content can be tweaked in your preferred dialect. Your Call buttons can even blend characters from various dialects.

In general, the Konnekt is unimaginably easy to utilize as it can konner smartphones– only one touch to call or reply, having substantial, easy to see and hear, zero configuration, reduce bill cost, touch screen, simple to-peruse Call button, no numbers to recollect, and can be tweaked in your dialect. And that is why it is suitable for seniors, people with dementia, impaired hearing, arthritis, other and disabilities.  Therefore, despite having old age and disabilities, with the help of Konnekt Videophone, you can never be socially isolated.