Learn How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test Quickly

When you are being tested for drug use, most commonly you are going to be tested for CBD oil which can mean two things. The first is oil from marijuana and the second is hemp oil. The first one always has a higher amount of THC in it than the second because hemp is allowed by law to have no more than 0.3% THC which is a very small amount.

There are a lot of speculations on how long it stays in your body, but that usually depends on the usage and different tests can detect different time spans. Most of the testscan detects the last 24 hours only, but if you are a heavy smoker it can go up to 72 hours. The person who is doing the testing usually knows the best ways on how to pass it, and there are many websites you can get more information about it like Yelp, wikiHow, and many more.

Type of a test

The most important thing to know before you try to get it out of your system is the type of the test you are going through. A marijuana drug test that is most commonly used is urinalysis. Almost 75% of all tests are testing the urine, next on the list is blood and hair that do 24%, and the saliva-based are doing 1%. Majority of employers are using 3rd party drug measurement labs for the test. In some cases, you can do it yourself at home, but they can be easily cheated, so companies don’t do that often.

Every test can be cheated. People then realized that they can use detox drinks that are undetectable to pass it. Some of them are made specifically to passthese tests because there are a lot of people who get in trouble need to do it the next day. These drinks aren’t good for your body, so avoiding them and using natural methods is a better idea.

Getting it out of your system

First, you should know that many myths online are fake like drinking a lot of water or taking cranberry juice. Also, bleach and vinegar won’t do it. You should inform yourself about what won’t work because people do it by mistake and think that they are clean which ends up badly.

People who are reading articles related to passing a drug test usually have the testing in less than a month, so solutions that take more than 20 days won’t benefit you. Rapidly cleansing your body with detoxification products is very effective compared to natural products. They can clean your system in six to seven days.

This goes by washing out your system with a regular regimen of herbal supplements mixed with a healthy detox nutrition that strongly cleanses your urine and blood of any marks of toxins. You can check if it works by using a test you can buy in any drugstore. The only problem is that detoxification products can be expensive.

If you are in hurry and the test in less than two days, you will need some methods that involve Certo and Gatorade. Certo is actually fruit pectin that is extracted from sweet fruits like pears, berries, peaches, and apples, that does a great work in detoxifying your system. Read more on thispage.

The first step is to drink a little bit of Gatorade so you can make room in the bottle for Certo. There are usually two packs in the box, and you want to place one in the bottle. Shake it really good and remember to drink it on an empty stomach, so it will work effectively.

Natural cleansing

If you want to try natural cleansing you have to know that it takes a month to be fully prepared to take a test. These basic methods will just make sure that THC is out of your body because some bad habits can make it stay longer. They are also going to have a positive effect on your body besides cleansing.

One of the best natural methods is everyday exercise and a lot of water. Exercise has been proven to work for every drug you take, and with a lot of water, you will get all toxins out. Try to pass junk food because they are hard to digest and your immune system will weaken. Green Tea has a lot of electrolytes and antioxidants in it like vitamin C which is great for cleansing. When it comes to diet, you should try to take a lot of foods that are rich with fiber. Some products that have plenty of fiber are peanuts, soy, beans, and lentils. You can also mix these ingredients to make something like a shake which will have a higher dosage of antioxidants. If you are a heavy smoker, natural cleansing can take even more than a month.