Virtual Office Rental vs. Renting a Hotdesk- Which one is better?

When you’re a freelancer or a startup entrepreneur, then one of the most crucial things that you should focus on is to possess a credible and prestigious business address. On one hand, you would require your potential clients to view your business as a dependable and professional one and on the other hand, you would require to manage your cost of operations very judiciously as you are operating on a shoe-string budget. If you are operating your business from your home or garage, your customers and other stakeholders may not take you very seriously.

In order to keep away or counter any probable negative sentiment, it is imperative to secure a “proper” business address within your budget. Now, in today’s world of limitless possibilities, there are indeed several choices. When you are renting a private office for your small business or startup, the costs can indeed be prohibitive and not feasible. So, you necessarily need to consider a cheaper option that gives you the right value. You can either choose to opt for a virtual office or a Hotdesk. There are pros and cons of both. So, let us compare the pros and cons and weigh the options.

Virtual Offices                                                                                                                                      

The Pros

With the virtual offices, it is possible to receive a completely swanky office address at an affordable cost which can be easily borne by a freelancer or a startup entrepreneur. Also, the flexibilities attached with a virtual office are limitless and it is also very easy to opt for. In a nutshell, if you choose a virtual office address instead of using your home address for your business, then you would be enjoying a lot of mileages. Finally, by adopting a virtual office, you would certainly choose to go green as there is no commuting involved and no huge electricity bills to be paid.

The Cons

If any of your potential clients want to meet you at your given office address and by any chance drop into the given address without prior notification, then you might have to fess up that your office is actually not your office. As the office opted for your business is virtual, you need to make all the arrangements in your home like a high-speed internet connection, printing facilities and several other kinds of stuff all by yourself to keep your business running smoothly. Finally, it’s a fact that by opting for a virtual office, you may just bank upon the glory of the business address but would have to work all alone at home without any benefits of having like-minded coworkers around you. This may be counted as a big drawback of a virtual office.

A Coworking Space or a Hotdesk

The Pros

A Hotdesk is nothing but another organization’s office or even a coworking hub where you get a real desk to work in a real business address. You would have the option of meeting your clients in these business addresses and you would certainly appear as a bona fide business. You would also be able to tap into the ecosystem in which you’re operating from & enjoy the benefits of business networking in the concerned eco-system. You can also benefit from the robust infrastructure like the reliable internet connection and all other facilities & amenities that the physical office offers you.

The Cons

A Hotdesk is certainly expensive than a virtual office. If you are not very judicious in choosing a Hotdesk, your coworkers might not very well compliment your venture and requirements. Also, there are questions marks on the tenancy security at times.

So which one is better?

Most of the millennial professionals are choosing coworking space gurgaon or Hotdesk over virtual offices. Though Hotdesking is a relatively costlier proposition as compared to a virtual office, there are several advantages that you enjoy by adopting Hotdesking. So, you may certainly look forward to diving into a shared office for Hotdesking.