The Types And Benefits Of Car Glass Coating Product In Delhi

Glass coating for cars is the inorganic material which is designed with quartz silane based compound or silica. This glass coating for the car is mainly used for protection of the paintwork and surfaces of the car. This is the car protection layer which is less likely to stain and unlike other traditional wax, the protection and lustre of the material last for years to come when applied professionally. Car glass coating product in delhi contains materials that don’t oxidize and hence it protects the paintwork and never weakens the original shine of the car. Moreover, this glass car protection coating is also very easy to maintain, while provides shiny and clean surfaces and longer lasting protection to the car surfaces. So, let us know more about the types and benefits of best glass coating for cars in delhi.

Types of glass coating for cars

The best glass coating for cars in delhi are broadly categorized into two categorizes the silica based glass coatings and quartz silane based coatings.

The quartz silane basedcar glass coating product in delhi is also popularly known as completely cured glass film and it is known totoachieve the highest gloss and has longer durability. This is the type of coating that protects the car body by producing a cured coating of silica on the surface of the car. However, it takes about 3 weeks to get fully cured and this is the only drawback associated with the coating. Moreover, it is also the expensive type of coating product and takes longer time for fully formulated.

The second type is the silica based glass coating and it is also known as glass fibre type and this film is designed to coat the entire surface of the car body. It is fixed into the silicon polymer molecule. It is easy to formulate and hence it is less expensive for formulation. The water repellence and durability of the coating are questionable and not as superior as the quartz silane based coating.

There are also fluorine based coatings available which arereferred to as teflon and it is used for coating the body of the car. These coatings are very superior in durability, but they are not as superior as the glass coatings and they are very expensive too for formulation.

Benefits of car glass coating product in delhi

  • Longevity – there is no specific time frame allotted for the car glass coating product in delhi, but the manufacturers and users claim that it last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. It all depends on the natural and manmade conditions.             
  • Protection – the best car glass coating for cars in delhi creates a shield like protection on the surface of the car and it makes the surface to become resistant to debris, sand and stone chips. It also reduces the formulation of hard water spots and the stains caused by bird droppings.
  • Beauty – according to users the car glass coating product in delhi enhances the appearance of cars and it renders shiny and glassy coating to the surfaces and hence gives your car a new look and life.