The story behind cake evolution

Cakes are available in endless varieties these days. From large to small cup cakes, from muffins to delicious pastries; everything has different shapes and flavours.

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When it comes to cakes, there is a good old history about this delicious dessert item. One might think that from where it all started? Well, cakes have been baked since many years now and through centuries it has evolved and has become what now it is. In fact, it is still open to more evolution even at present.

It is said that, once the flour was discovered people started baking cakes and that was long ago. In the medieval England the cakes that were bakes where mainly those flour based sweet foods which gave a tough competition to regular breads in the market. Also cakes were smaller in size than the regular breads and they were sweetened as well.

There are many food historians who found that the earliest traces of cakes were in the Neolithic village where mostly simple cakes were made from moistened, compacted and crushed grains. These cakes were most probably cooked on the hot stones. These days, this particular way of baking things are known as cookies of sweetened biscuits.

In Greece, cakes were known as ‘plakous’ and it meant ‘flat’. These cakes were mainly made with honey and nuts. In fact, they also had another variety of cake called ‘satura’ which was also flat but a bit heavy. Later, during the Roman period the name of the cake got changed to ‘placenta’. Many Romans also used to call them ‘libum’ and they were mainly made as an offering to the God. Placenta was more like a cheese cake and they were baked with a pastry base inside a pastry case if possible.

Cakes primarily were baked for some special occasions and this was because they needed some expensive and some finest ingredients to be baked. These things were not supposed to be afforded by common people and so this baking thing was mainly common in the wealthy fraternity. But later, in the middle of 18th century beaten eggs came to scene as an active cake making ingredient. One needs tin hoops and parchment papers to bake a cake. Later, modern cake pans are made with those tin hoops.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution happened. After that, all the baking ingredients became cheaper and so they were readily available in the market. So, the ingredients became affordable as well and so people started thinking of mass production of cakes, baking powder and soda also came to the scene and people thought of making bakeries to bake cakes and sell them.

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