How the Red Crescent Is Getting Ready for Possible Floods in Kazakhstan

Spring is coming to Kazakhstan slowly but steadily. Along with this wonderful time of the year, the flood season is also coming to the country, associated with snow melt and a lot of precipitation and, as the result, with flooding in settlements.

In this regard, last week during a meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Minister of Internal Affairs Kalmukhanbet Kasymov raised the problem of the preparedness of rescue and emergency response services to natural disasters. Among other things, he said that “today there is no reason to talk about full readiness of regions for spring floods, since there are still challenging issues that need to be addressed. In particular, not all reservoirs are ready to take and let through flood waters seamlessly.”

Nevertheless, the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan began preparations for a possible spring emergency as early as in 2017 – it conducted training of citizens, took part in republican simulation exercises together with rescuers, concluded important partnership agreements and developed joint projects with business.

Specifically, last year the Red Crescent and Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation signed an agreement, under which they agreed to jointly provide assistance to people affected by the disaster. For this purpose, Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation allocated 67,200,000 tenge. A joint project was developed in partnership with ForteBank. In the event of the emergency, funds of the Foundation will be transferred to special assistance cards, which will be distributed by the Red Crescent among flood victims, covering over two thousand people. A primary assessment will be made and the most vulnerable and needy people will be identified.

Further, using these funds the victims will be able to purchase necessary goods and at least partially cover their primary needs. Thus, this mechanism also allows people to independently choose what their primary needs are, whereas previously, victims were simply given out packages of humanitarian aid with a certain set of goods collected beforehand. This is a good example of joint work of a benefactor acting through the Foundation, a corporate sector acting through the bank covering the technical part, and a non-governmental organization represented by the Red Crescent, working directly with people, providing necessary information and accounting.

At the moment, all the project participants are prepared – Bulat Utemuratov’s Foundation transferred funds, ForteBank issued the cards, the Red Crescent trained employees and volunteers in Kazakhstan regions for effective and fast response to the emergency.

Check the broker services before going for trading

For a trader to have a right trading strategy is much important to fetch the desired profit but before that getting the right demat and trading account from a right broker is also equally important. As the market has a lot of such service providers, it becomes difficult for an individual to get the right service provider and hence he needs to carry out small research which can lead to the desired service provider.

The account:

For a trader before jumping into the ocean of trading it is much required to know what sort of account he will need, how much trading he is planning to carry out and what will be the brokerage and other charges. One can check the services of top 10 stock brokers in India who are famous for their client services. One also needs to know in which segment he needs to carry out the trade. For this, he must be aware of the ins and outs of the concerned segment and have hold on the trading activities. A small error at this stage can lead to the complete devastation of one’s financial profile. Hence one needs to be extremely careful at this stage only.

For the trader as well as investor it is important to get demat,and a trading account opened before starting the trades. One can check the top 10 stock brokers in India who offer quality services to the clients and get the accounts opened with any of them. The opening of a demat account is a matter of few days,and the trading account can then be opened in few hours also.

How to get the account opened?

The Demat account can be opened by the CDSL or NSDL which are tow authorized institutions by the SEBI which regulates the Indian stock market. Here one needs to provide a few of the personal documents which must include a copy of an Identity proof and a copy of address proof. In addition to them, one also needs to furnish the copy of PAN card. A canceled cheque is also much required to be provided as a valid bank proof.

In the market, various types of brokerages that one can go for. Some brokers charge one-time brokerage but in advance and then the client is not charged any brokerage to a certain number of transactions or for certain months. The standard brokerage is charged by the common brokers in which the charges for delivery trades are higher than the same for the intraday.

One can go for the trading in cash or derivative segment whichever is convenient to him. However before going for any of these segments, one needs to have complete knowledge of the segment. In the derivatives, there are contracts for various periods,and one needs to go for the one where he feels trade will be feasible for him. The most important point here is one needs to clear the position before the expiry else it gets squared off automatically.

Growth of Block Chain Companies and Cryptocurrencies: Pointer to the Future

The market capitalization of the cryptocurrencies has touched $615 billion. This includes online currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and many more. Though this presents the future of online currency in every respect, due appreciation for the technology behind this online scenario seems to be lacking steam. The blockchain is the driving force for the currencies and there is little mention of what is happening on this front.

Top Financial Companies include Block Chain Companies

We see the prosperity of the blockchain companies in the way the founders of a few of the companies made into the Forbes’ list and the Fintech 50 List as the Hottest Block chain Companies with the richest people in cryptocurrency. Founders of Coinbase and Ripple were there in this list.

Using the blockchain is now becoming the norm though many companies still prefer to use the stock paper and pen ledgers for keeping track of the progress of the company. The Fintech 50 is the list of top 50 global financial companies. That 11 companies of the top 50 used blockchain technology points at the way new businesses viewed the technology. It shows the acceptance of the progress that the blockchain has made and were ready to use all its advantages for bettering their own business prospects.

Versatility of the Blockchain Network

And indeed why not? The blockchain is not a mere ledger for maintaining records but also provider of proof of work. You could encrypt documents and maintain records of diamonds, shares, and much more. By decentralizing the command, it offered the user an equal chance for participation – something that has never happened before! This meant that they could act independently and work towards a common aim without any kind of interference from any financial or political authority. This gave the user freedom in several aspects and the people began to appreciate the benefits by using their new freedom.

This explains the involvement of the new companies using blockchain technology, their abandonment and the way results were unfettered by any kind of authority. This helped those companies produce results faster and became more competitive in the market. So, what makes these Block chain Companies different? The decentralized ledger opened the working field to a wider range of workers. is the startup changing the way the world transacts. It imagines a safer and logical way to keep these transactions safe. This provides the widely used Bitcoin Wallet and is hugely trusted by people from all walks of life.

Expanding Horizons of the Blockchain

The way new businesses are eagerly picking up the blockchain technology for their business to business interaction is seen in the new companies such as block.One and Power Ledger. The other significant businesses are Blockchain Taxi, a taxi service provider and TraDove. Blockchain Taxi uses drones for ferrying passengers. It is only natural for new frontiers in business to seek and help each other out. TraDove helps B2B solutions prosper and thrive by enhancing endorsements of businesses and people on the blockchain network.

Yes, the blockchain companies are different because they use blockchain. And yet, they are pointed at the future where everyone will use blockchain for almost everything in life.

Loan against FD? Here is something you should know!

The habit of saving money is something that always works for everyone be it a child or an adult. The money is invested when it is available in lump-sum, and you can utilize it when in need.

For the purpose of investment, a fixed deposit is one of the most popular financial instruments known to us. The ease of investment, promising returns, flexible tenor, and many more worthwhile features make it a valuable investment scheme.

But, think of the time when you are in need of money on an urgent basis. You look around for someone to help. Why look for someone else when you can deal with it on your own? Take a loan – a loan against the invested money in your FD.

Taking a loan against an FD is one of the advantages that you can avail. Know how it is beneficial to you!

FD loan features and benefits

Loan amount- A borrower can get loan amount up to 90% of the fixed deposit amount. Higher the amount invested in an FD, higher you can get the loan amount approved.

Interest rate- The interest rate is generally 1-2% more than the interest rate of an FD. The interest rate is comparatively lower under this loan facility than to any other loan obtained by other means.

Ease of processing- Getting a loan against your FD is a hassle-free task as you need not attach every document right from the beginning. The applicant needs not to fill the detailed forms and go through strict procedures for a loan sanction.

Repayment- A borrower enjoys the flexibility in terms of date and time for the repayment of the loan. The only thing to remember is the loan amount should be repaid in a limit to the maturity date, which cannot exceed the tenor of the FD.

Foreclosure and prepayment- Majority of the banks and NBFCs do not charge the foreclosure on loans taken against an FD. Also, no prepayment fee is charged in case of early payment of a loan.

Low processing fee– This loan can be availed at a negligible processing fee which can also be waived depending on your relationship with the lender institute. The loan applicant need not pay high processing fee which is usually charged when you take a loan by any other means.

Required documents for availing a loan against FD 

  • The applicant needs to submit a complete application form offered to him by the lender institute.
  • Fixed Deposit details including the receipt (FDR) handed over in favor of the institute.
  • A cancelled cheque in case of non-cumulative FD.
  • A passport size photograph and a copy of valid identity proof.

The Bottom Line

Loan against FD is a great option if you are looking for a short-term loan at a better interest rate. Avail this loan facility at a lower interest rate as compared to any other loan, without compromising on the interest that you will earn from your FD.

Borrow When You Need, Repay When You Can With Flexi Term Loans

Upgrades are born out of necessities. To travel faster, bullock carts were upgraded to bikes and cars. To further speed up life, bike and car engines were upgraded. So, public demand rules the world of upgrade. One such demand in the financial world, specifically the loan sector, was that borrowers wanted to pay only the interest component in equated monthly instalments (EMIs). They wanted to pay the principal amount at the end of the tenor or even before it if they had money to spare.

Flexi Personal Loans Versus Conventional Personal Loans

Let’s look at two scenarios:

  • Personal Loan

You have a medical emergency and need Rs.5 lakh urgently. You apply for a Personal Loan and get it in your account within 48 hours. The loan tenor is five years. But, after two years, you get a bonus in office. You repay a part of the loan and pay the part-prepayment charges (around 2%). A few months later, you need Rs.2 lakh to pay for your child’s education trip to NASA. You take a top-up loan. Your loan tenor ends, and you’ve repaid your loan.

  • Flexi Personal Loan

You have a medical emergency and you need Rs.5 lakh urgently. But, this time, you already have an ongoing flexi account. The amount goes to your account via the national electronic funds transfer (NEFT) system, usually within four to five working hours. When you get the bonus after two years, you repay a part of the loan, for no prepayment charges. A few months later, you need Rs.2 lakh for your child’s educational trip to NASA. Don’t worry, you have the limit in your Flexi Loan. You can take it without having to go through the entire process. Your tenor ends, and you repay the principal amount.

Benefits of Flexi Term Loans

  • You have the flexibility to prepay the loan using any extra money you have, whenever you have it. Since you pay the interest only on the amount you use, your interest amount goes down.
  • Need the amount you have already repaid during the loan tenor? No problem! You can do it online, in a hassle-free manner and without any extra paperwork.
  • Since you pay interest only on the amount you use on a daily basis, your monthly cash outflow could go down by almost 45%.
  • The prepayment of the principal amount is free. Also, you need to pay no processing fee for the amount you use.
  • There is no cap on the number of times you can withdraw money or deposit it during the loan tenor.
  • The amount goes to your account quicker.

To sum up

A dropline facility could come in handy during emergencies. Also, why wait to repay the loan and pay extra charges and interest? You could take a flexi loan instead and reduce your monthly cash outflows. So, you no longer need to apply for separate loans to get married, refurbish your home, go on a luxurious vacation or start a business. Take when you want, give when you can!

How to Plan to Buy a Home in Bangalore

Be it Bangalore or anywhere else, buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever take, especially if you are mulling to buy a property using a Home Loan in Bangalore! Thus, to ensure that you get only the best home, it would be better to follow some advice so that your home buying experience in Bangalore is smoother!

There could be many issues such as poor quality of construction, delay in possession, paying higher Home Loan interest rates and more. Hence, to help you lay suitable homework before you get started, let’s reveal five secrets to make a smart decision. Let’s go!

1.Have Good Creditworthiness

To get a housing finance from a lender that you are aiming at best Home Loan rates, it would be good to maintain a higher CIBIL Score. A lender will always assess your creditworthiness first while analyzing your candidature for the Home Loan in Bangalore. Hence, make it a point always to pay your existing loan EMIs, credit card EMIs on time so that lenders do not consider you a risk when it comes to repayment.

2.Go for Online Home Loans

Nowadays the provision of applying for an online Home Loan has made the overall process very simple yet fast. Many lenders have a user-friendly interface where you can fill out an online form and submit your application along with documents. Compared to physical lenders, the process is quite quick and demands no paperwork. What’s more, it also offers the best Home Loan interest rates.

3.Negotiate While Buying the Home

If you are placing a bid on a home, also decide an amount that you can afford justifying the worth of the house. Come up with a reasonable quote beneficial or buyers and sellers and do not place a bid way to lower than sellers.

4.Pay the Property a Visit

Before signing on the dotted lines, always ensure to visit the property once that you intend to buy. Once you are there, analyze the availability of better roads, amenities such as schools, departmental stores, ATMs, hospitals and more. Also, see how long it will take you to reach your office from there. Once you are convinced that the locality is safe and has access to all basics of life, then only decide to go for it.

Home Loan in Bangalore to help your home purchase

Leading lenders have made the housing finance an easy process because they are offering an online Home Loan in Bangalore ranging between Rs.20 lakh to Rs.10 crore.

It also comes with many benefits such as negligible documentation, wider repayment tenor, foreclosure, and part-prepayment facility, online account access and more.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the secrets that will help you buy a home along with an easy finance offer in a Home Loan in Bangalore – go ahead and apply for it online! Happy home purchase!

How Loans Can Empower Women in the Business World?

It is often said that the empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.

The role of women in the new millennium is no longer limited to the household. The perfect blend of social upheaval, quality education, friendly government policies and viable economic conditions has made the environment conducive for women entrepreneurs to thrive. It has enabled them to challenge societal norms, and achieve their goals.

We’ve all drawn inspiration from the likes of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Vandana Luthra, Ekta Kapoor, Suchi Mukherjee and Richa Kar who’ve proved their mettle as successful Indian women entrepreneurs. Women have bought their own unique talents to the forefront –  whether it’s Coco Chanel, who mastered the tricks of a seamstress as a child, Estée Lauder, who built a beauty empire with passion for skincare and make-up, or Oprah Winfrey, whose media business serves as an encouraging platform for more women to take up entrepreneurship.

Realizing that empowering women is crucial for economic development, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv, are providing holistic solutions like advances, credit facility, loans, management portfolio of stocks, etc. Supplementing the traditional lender – banks, they offer business loans to individuals and firms with attractive features such as flexi loans, competitive interest rates, collateral-free loans, etc. Even individuals with a low credit score can apply for loans as the eligibility criteria takes in to account a whole lot of other factors.

So, if you’re toying with the idea of opting for a loan for womens for business, read more to know how borrowing funds can aid you in establishing and augmenting your business venture.

If you’re looking to expand your business, you could consider a business loan. This will ensure you continue to innovate and bridge the gap in supply. While expanding your venture may entail several costs in advertising, buying property, hiring more staff members – a flexi-loan from Bajaj Finserv will aid in these processes allowing you to borrow as per your requirement.

To increase your inventory, you need to invest in research and development, infrastructure, equipment, whilst following market consumption patterns. A strong inventory will help sell more products, and help you gain wider coverage in the industry. Collateral-free business loans for women will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Cash flow
A short-term loan can help you manage your cash flow especially when there is an immediate need for funds. Whether it is due to debtors not paying on time, or product recalls, or better yet, customization of existing products or services, a short-term loan at competitive interest rates can be taken.

A business loan can help you upgrade your technology by providing funds to buy new equipment. Alternatively, it can also be used maintain or repair existing equipment to continue business operations.

While you’re contemplating to start that fitness academy or jewellery business, you could consider opting for a loan to lay the groundwork of your dreams.

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Computerised trading is the best

In the market, there are many avenues where one can make a profit from the activities of buying and selling of shares of various companies listed on different stock exchanges. The technology has got a number of programs,and the makers of such programs haven’t spared the stock trading also as there are programs available with the help of which the stock trading can be done,and profit can be made. The algorithm can be said to deal with some of the particular instructions intended for performing a task. Whereas, it is possible to say that algorithmic trading is mainly connected with making use of computers that are programmed to go with particular instructions to execute trade so that to make money at a very fast speed which is not possible for human traders. These definite instructions do primarily deal with quality, timing, and price. This kind of trading promotes a systematic pattern relating to trading and excludes the human influence on the activities of trading.

You find a lot of advantages to do trade in algorithmic. It tends to render it very popular due to reason you make more money than doing trade manually. The advantages of this trading are given below:


Algorithms are to be written earlier,so it is possible for you to carry out instructions automatically. The prime advantage of performing it can be said to be speed. The speed tends to be so rapid that for the humans it will be very hard to discern. You are able to scan as well as carry out manifold indicators with an extremely rapid speed which can be hard to perceive. This puts trades in position to get analyzed and performed rapidly and offer great chances.


Accuracy can be stated to be incredibly vital in algo trading in India. Very similar to other trades and businesses, accuracy tends to be means of the best outcome. By making use of computers in doing trade, it will assist in avoiding several errors that can be linked to performing the similar activity in the manual form. In case you happen to do trade manually, it is possible to buy some wrong currency pair erroneouslywith regard tothe wrong amount. If you go for employing the computer algorithm, you notice there happen less or no such errors. You are able to see the role of human emotions in the process of trading,but by utilizing algorithm, there is no possibility for that. It is possible that human beings get distracted with the vulnerable emotions that very frequently give rise to unreasonable decisions. It assists you to do away with mistakes prior to begin doing trade within the live market.

Decrease in cost

One of the main benefits can be said that will not let you lose the money.  You are not needed to expend much of your valuable time monitoring the markets because doing trade is able to be performed without having more of your supervision on it. The amount of time you spend for monitoring the markets will be greatly cut down.


How Banners Could Save Your Long-Term Marketing Hassle

So, your band needs a promotion or an advertisement? Did you know, instrumenting your products or services can never complete without banner ads that are the perfect elements to carry your message in public in the most precise and concise manner? Advertising with banners can create an instant, incredible and impactful visual when reaching the target audience in no time is your staple concern.

When the sole purpose is generating sales, banner ads are the best to skyrocket your promotional campaigns, both indoor and outdoor, like no other. For example, horizontal, vertical, small or large banners by BVB and others could trim your task down to the last detail and give you the best edgy and eye catching promotional coverage. Trust me, these companies have versatile banners for every business size exacting your requirements to perfection. If you too are looking for the perfect banners for your custom branding needs, here’s what you should know before you get on your toes.

A perfect signage for every brand

So where exactly you want to put up your banner this time? At the entrance of your office or in a remote location where it can work as the perfect crowd puller? No matter where, banners are, no doubt, the best advertising solutions when you are looking for some durable, bespoke and instant hacks to promote your brands or products anytime, anywhere in the most cost-effective way. The best part is there are banners of all sizes for your every promotional appetite and with so many sizes to choose from, you’ll always find the one that can convey your message perfectly.

Measure your requirement

So, finally it’s time to choose your perfect banner and you are nearly clueless what kind of banner is your perfect suit! Stop getting bogged down with issues like the highest quality and a highly competitive price, but pay more attention in selecting the right kind of banner first. It’s important to know each banner type in detail as each comes with a campaign proposal on the cart. For ex., the large banners by BVB and others are fully equipped sign makers who, with their ready proficient team, can tailor uniquely designed and illuminated banner ads for your perfect business need. But make sure you have a deep-seated understanding of which design fits your idea of branding the most.

Following are some types of banners in use:

  • Pull-up
  • H/L/X
  • Greyscale
  • Digitally printed
  • Vinyl
  • Fence
  • Scaffolding
  • Roll-up
  • Web
  • Click through
  • Flash
  • Static
  • Flags

Your banner is a click away

Now that you know which types of banners can put you to the most advantageous position in terms of your business profit margin, waste no time and simply get ready to order your perfect type. Remember, all the indoor or outdoor banners work best when it comes to throwing a highlight to an exhibition or an event. So, line up your priorities first before you call, mail, or just click to reach your banner manufacturer or large banners by BVB . All it takes a simple upload of your artwork and design files before you can watch your order moves your way.

In a nutshell, banners are the remarkable branding tools when you consider throwing a huge impact over a large set of audience on a small budget. Instant Previews, wholesale prices, bulk discounts, free buyer protection, reseller tax exclusions, transparent shipping make ordering them even easier.

Pro Tip: 8 Considerations When Starting and Investing Money into your Business

 Investing your money into a business is the best thing to do as it would give you the opportunity to succeed and make more out of your money.You’ll end up with a bountiful return if you play it right. However, if you’re not careful enough, you could place yourself at unnecessary risk.

When entering the business world, it’s undoubtedly daunting at first. However, being a first-timer is not a problem. If you’re still unsure, here are a few steps for you to consider.

Secure your Separate Bank Accounts

As a small business owner, it is necessary to separate your business accounts from your personal ones. When planning to start a business, immediately open a secure and separate account for that business. Opening an account should be in the same bank for your checking. This would help you in tracking your money separately from  your personal accounts to your business.

Fund your Business Bank Account

To record transactions, money should flow from your accounts to your business account. Small business should be funded with a full amount to avoid unnecessary accounting process.

Separate business accounts help every business owner to have an easy tracking of money. Personal account withdrawal and an equal amount of deposit in your business account is an example of two transactions. Thus, having separate business accounts makes it easier to record the transactions.

Look for Legitimate Online Lenders

In this generation where technology is part of a daily life, online lending is gaining much more popularity and is considered by some as an entirely secure and legitimate entity to operate with when it comes to funding.

There are millions of possible online lenders out there but be sure to choose the right one. Evaluate their terms and conditions. Check for any fraudulent history with them and don’t easily trust anyone. For further investigation regarding with your online lenders, you can visit an online website such as Ashe Morgan for inquiries.

Business Plans should be in Detailed

Develop a strategic and detailed business plan. You should have a concrete description of your business: Does it provide value to your customers? Who is your market? Is it advantageous to not expand? Why or Why or not?

These types of questions are what you need to answer to become successful. Identify your company’s long and short-term goals so know what to expect.

Allied Connection in Bankers

Bankers are in business too, and they could be the invaluable resource for new business owners. But, don’t just treat experienced bankers as your source of funding, they can also serve as your source of advice.

A banker has much more experience than entrepreneurs as they handle countless business plans or projects a week. For assurance in your capability to start up a business, your profile, project’s viability, and financial capacity are some of the key factors that your banker will need to look at when asking for a business loan.

Type of your Loan

There are various loan types for business owners. Hence, you should determine first if what kind of loan is appropriate for your needs. For example, if you need financing for purchasing equipment for your startup business, look into an equipment loan to refrain yourself from additional collateral.

As a first-timer, do some research before taking out a loan. Rest assured that the investment would suffice your interest and needs.

Expect for Regular Loan Payments

You need to afford the monthly payments for the business loan. If you don’t want to have severe consequences in your business credit rating, you have to pay it properly. You should be confident enough to make loan payments.

Usually, lenders use a debt service ratio of 1.5 times your handed cash at the end of the month. This strategy will determine the loan payment that you can afford.

Credit Rating

One of the most critical factors in running a business is your creditworthiness, and it is a crucial part of determining whether you can get a business loan or not. It is divided into two categories: high and poor credit rating. High credit rating signifies a high possibility of paying back the loan without issues.

A Poor credit rating means that a debtor had trouble paying back the loans in his or her past. Credit rating is distinct from credit score and as a new business owner, it is essential to know the difference between the two to avoid any confusion. Usually, a credit score is used to express numeral form and only use for individuals. Composed of a three-digit score to determine if they will approve you for a loan.


When starting up a business, it’s either success or failure. No one wants to risk their money into a worthless thing. You own your life, and you own the decision to succeed. Considering tips such as having a good credit rating or having a solid business plan is a good way to start. Follow the other tips above and you’ll surely be on your way to success.