How to choose the best cancer Hospital in India?

When you, a close family member or friend gets diagnosed with cancer, the first step is to find out the best hospital for cancer treatment. Since cancer is a dreadful disease, people can’t take any chances and look for the best treatment. In the medical field there are different types of this disease found and as per the disease type and stage one needs to visit a hospital or a doctor. The market has numerous hospitals for the same type of cancer, and one may feel confused at such a stage as from where to get the complete treatment and who can be the best doctor for the concerned type of cancer. With every hospital claiming to be the best in their field, it becomes challenging to choose the right hospital for treatment. At such a juncture one needs to use own resources and go for some research to get the best treatment.

However, it is not impossible to find out an appropriate hospital for treatment as all it takes is a little effort and research on your part. Here’s a look at significant factors that can help in landing at the best cancer hospital in India:

  1. Recommendations

The first key to finding the cancer hospital is to ask around for the recommendations. You can consult your friends, colleagues, and relatives about their experience at the specific medical center. You can also ask your family doctor about the reputation that the cancer treatment hospital shares in the market especially in treating your specific type of cancer.

  1. Focus on doctor

 Though the hospital, staff, medical equipment, and services matter in the cancer treatment, the most important role in the treatment I splayed by the doctor. You need to choose the hospital with best cancer doctor in India. An experienced doctor with a successful track record is a must while choosing the hospital for cancer treatment. Keep doctor the focal point of your research. If an oncologist is good at his/her job, they will be a part of the good hospital only.

  1. Vicinity of the hospital

The next important factor is the vicinity of the location. Though some people choose to visit another state or country for getting specialized treatments, it is not feasible for all. The convenience of the family and the patient is most important as the radiation and chemotherapy is quite challenging and taxing. You need a comfortable stay as well as you also need to visit the hospital quite frequently, so be sure while choosing the hospital.

  1. Insurance

You also need to consider if the insurance covers the care at that particular cancer treatment hospital.

  1. If the hospital is a specialty cancer center

It is important to choose a center with integrated care which has several advantages. The multi-specialty clinics have all the panel of experts under one roof which helps in taking care of various aspects of the treatment.

  1. Social support

The cancer patient goes through a lot of mental turmoil as well. See if the hospital offers support groups which help each other during the recovery phase.

Getting Your Health Secured With EHIC Card In Europe

As you travel to different parts of your country one of the concerns that entrap you is health. In a crisis situation a helping hand is what we look for and the European health renewal card is one such initiative. This card is enabling the EU countries to get medical facilities without paying a penny. However it is to be considered that this card does not serves as an alternative for any private healthcare costs. The EHIC card is given by the NHS to all the citizens who are residing within the European territory.

Eligible Applicants For The Card

The health insurance card cannot be accessed by anyone because it is applicable only to the EEA country. This health card will be provided to you on the basis of insurability under the legal procedure of European Union. Insurability of the card is not determined on whether you have paid your taxes or not rather it is totally based upon your insurability. If you have an EHIC card then it is important that you should have a proper knowledge about the E111 card renewal procedures.

Process Of Renewal

The validity period of the EHIC card is five years. You need to keep a thorough check on the validity period of your card before you travel. The card holders need to renew the cards six months before its expiry date otherwise it will be of no use.


  • Log in to EHIC webpage
  • Fill up the form
  • For non-EEA nationals family members, provide evidence for eligibility
  • For those living in abroad, they can renew their cards by contacting overseas healthcare team

A person has to follow the above mentioned procedures in order to renew their cards and get all the health benefits. In case any of your personal detail has changes then you cannot fill up online form until and unless you have the EHIC pin with you.

Some Considerations

It is often found that people are unable to understand the process of E111 card renewal and gets confused. The renewal procedure is made easier with online methods. A citizen of EU country is able to fill the form and get their card renewed within a short period of time.

Things To Remember:

  • While depending on online sources one need to be very careful about the validity of the sources.
  • There are some invalid sources that charge money from people who intend to renew their cards.
  • The EHIC online source never charges any amount for the process of E111 card renewal.

Therefore it can be concluded that getting a health card gives you a green signal that wherever you travel in your country your health is secured. This health initiative seems to be fruitful as it has safeguarded the lives of so many travellers who faced health issue during their tours.  One need to renew their cards on timely basis otherwise they will not be able to take its advantage. The EU citizen should always carry their cards before going on a tour as it is the only caring weapon accessed by them.

Use Dentist Recommended Products To Maintain Bright Smiles

Human teeth and gums are sensitive and oral hygiene is very important. Both adults and children should brush, floss, and gargle every day. Modern technology assists them in the form of a reliable, rechargeable electric toothbrush. This motorized device oscillates and rotates with the assistance of battery power. It keeps the teeth clean, bright, and white.

Brush Categories

Toothbrushes can be categorised on the basis of their bristles. The three main types are soft, medium, and firm.

  • Oral hygiene products are used efficiently for better outcomes. The brushing has to be performed before a mirror in an active, enthusiastic mood.
  • The technique and movements are as important as the product. Patience is key for cleaning the inside and outside surfaces of all the teeth.
  • Soft bristles are generally recommended by all the reputed dentists. These brushes are efficient in removing plaque and stuck food.
  • Hard or firm bristled brushes are not very popular among the user. They have to be avoided by those who have sensitive gums.
  • Brushing is aimed at achieving teeth whiteness and oral cleanliness. However, The protective cover or enamel should not get eroded.

Classification Of Brushes

The toothbrushes are broadly classified into manual and electric models. Traditionally, Brushing and flossing with hands was sufficient for oral hygiene. But in modern times, The users have dexterity problems. The rechargeable electric toothbrush is a blessing for those who have difficulty in moving their hands-free. Arthritis patients also benefit from these battery operated oral products.

Manual – The manual brushes are basically stuck with bristles at one end. The user has to concentrate and apply the necessary physical movements. The elbow has to be bent and the arms and hands have to move around carefully. The brushing and guiding actions have to be performed manually.

Electric Powered – The battery-run brushes move automatically inside the mouth. The user only has to provide the guiding movements without much effort. The key to success is moving the brush over the frontal, side, and back teeth.

 Important Usage Tips

  • This type of toothbrush is effective only if it is charged and ready for use.
  • The charge level indicator lights should be checked before using the brush.
  • Use a good quality paste and never press hard or try to scrub vigorously.
  • Start with the outside surfaces and slowly guide from one tooth to the next.
  • Hold the bristles on each tooth for just a few seconds and then move on.
  • Cover the mouth and gum line, and graze the brush against tongue and palate.

Oral hygiene is an essential and daily activity for healthy teeth. Brighten the smile and drive away bad breath with a rechargeable electric toothbrush. Unlike manual brushes, The battery operated models move on their own. The user only has to provide guidance and hold the bristles against each tooth for a few seconds. Use only a charged brush, and floss regularly for strong, white, and long-lasting teeth.


Self-love and care is the first and foremost step towards self-confidence. Physique and physical appearance are important in a woman’s life. Any lack of the physique can have a bad impact in one’s life. Women nowadays face the problem of small bust. There are various cosmetic and surgical ways to enhance the breast size. However, those ways are quite expensive and have various adverse effects. In order to avoid any risk, many natural ways are also there which can help one have bigger busts. The natural methods do not show instant results but can surely add inches to the breast size. They are also not much costly, and hence one can easily afford them. They do not harm the body in any way and hence are considered as completely safe to go for. Most of them are easy to go for and hence one can get the big breasts with an attractive body and without any side effects.

Here are some of the tips to increase the breast size naturally:

  • Get the proper diet

It is rightly said that “we are what we eat”. A proper and a healthy diet make us healthy. So, a proper diet is an important factor to achieve a curvaceous figure. Include various fruits and vegetables in the diet to increase the bust.

  • Use dairy products for best results

Adding dairy products to the regular diet is a good way to increase the bust size. It is better to opt for whole fat dairy products and not low-fat ones. Many dairy products such as paneer, ghee, cheese, butter are rich in fat and boost the production of the hormones like prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone. The female hormones enhance the production of breast cells thus adding inches to the breast size.

  • Soy products for breast enlargement

Soy products such as tempeh, soya beans, soy milk, and tofu are rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins. In addition to this, the soy products come with the packets of estrogen-like nutrients. This hormone replenishes the deficiency of estrogen in the body thus increasing the breast size.

  • Exercise for the right bust

The best natural way to increase the breast size is exercise. It not only improves the blood circulation but also enhances the production of hormones in the body. Exercises which target the pectoral muscles can improve the breast size and shape. Toned and fuller breasts can be achieved through an exercise that builds up the pectoral muscles.

  • Push-ups

Push-ups are the most effective and helpful exercise for breast enlargement. This exercise helps in building up the pectoral muscles which in turn makes the breasts firm and adds inches to it. Place the body in the vertical position with hands as well as toes on the ground. Elbows should be straight, and hands need to be widen as per to the shoulder. Lower the body and bend the elbows in a way that they reach a height parallel to the ground and then push up. Repeat this four to five times. This is an easy as well as a very effective way to increase the bust size naturally.