Cute Pet Accessories for Your Dog

When you buy a dog, you don’t just buy a protector for your pad, you also buy loyalty, trust and unconditional love. A dog offers its all to its master. And that is why you should never consider it an animal; you should think it to be another member of your family.

Now, if you love being at the forefront of fashion and style, why let your dog lag behind? No, your dog won’t have to get its nails painted or hair tied into a bun, all it needs is some grooming and a lot of cute pet accessories to look like a special dog. If you don’t know what accessories are available in the market for dogs, then the list below will help you immensely. Check out-

Care for the paws-

Whether it is a Chow Chow Dog or a Bull Terrier, you love your dog’s paws. And you love fiddling with them. Would you like them to get hurt? Under no circumstances, for sure! And that is why you should protect your dog’s paws with shoes, socks or dog boots. In these paw wears, your dog will not just feel stylish but also extremely comfortable. If it is a pair of winter boots that you are thinking of getting your dog, then it would be wise of you to look for a pair that looks visually appealing. These boots will make your dog look super gorgeous and they will be able to walk on ice and snow pretty safely. And no, boots are not just for winters, you can also buy waterproof booties for your dog, so that they can walk on hot pavements without any discomfort during the summer season. If it is a pair of socks that you are investing on, then get a pair with rubberized grips as they improve traction on wooden floors and indoor tiles.

Adorable pet ID tags-

If you have ever lost your dog, then you probably understand why ID tags are so important. When an ID tag with your name, contact number and address embossed on it is hung around your dog’s neck, its chances of being returned to you if ever it gets lost, increase. Also, with such a tag on your dog, the fear of losing them won’t really bother you, even when they set out on their own solo adventure. You might say, it’s not a good idea to have so much of your personal information on your dog’s tag, but if you love your dog and you simply don’t want to lose it ever, then it would be valuable for you to seriously consider opting for a tag. Besides, tags make dogs look adorable and stylish.

How about a pretty raincoat?

There are lots of dogs that don’t mind moving out in a strong wind, but when it comes to facing the rain, they simply cringe. And no matter whether it is a Chow Chow or a Doberman, rain can make some dogs feel extremely intimidated. If your dog has a similar character, then it will be wise of you to gift it a cute raincoat. And don’t forget to complete the shopping with a pair of chick booties. Raincoats are just perfect for dogs that are a little fussy about getting themselves wet. You will find raincoats in shops throughout the year, and they are generally available for dogs of all sizes. If you are thinking of buying a raincoat for your dog, then do take it to the shop so that you can try the rain coats on your dog before zeroing in on one. This is especially important to do if your dog is a deeper chested breed. It would be valuable for you to know that almost all raincoats are made of plastic with a hole for the tail of the dog. Besides, they come with a belt to be fastened around the middle of the animal, apart from a chest protector.

Make sure the raincoats that you have bought fit your dog well. But see to it that it is not too tight. Your dog should be able to move its body comfortably clad in the rain coat. If you fail to bring your dog to the shop for some reason, ask the sales representative if you can return the product if it doesn’t fit your dog. Usually, they will ask you to keep the price tag hanging from the raincoat and to make sure the receipt is in place. The crux of the matter is that, trying out a raincoat on your dog is important if you seriously want to buy it. Most of the raincoats available in the market fall between sizes 8 and 36 inches. A tip to ensure a good fit is to buy a smaller size for your dog than what is required. Buying a raincoat that is too large for your dog will probably facilitate soiling. A larger size will not just make it difficult for your dog to urinate but also defecate.

Now, how cute those coats, jackets and t-shirts are!

If you think you are a responsible pet owner then you will have to take all measures to make sure your pet doesn’t feel cold on chilly winter days. Although the best way to do this is to make sure you don’t allow your dog to go out, that’s not really a solution. Let your dog enjoy the winters, just see to it that it has worn a coat or a jacket.

Hence, if you thought dog coats and jackets are just for adornment, then you could not be more wrong. There is no dearth of dogs that hesitate to step out of the house on a chilly day. And you simply can’t make them move out without a coat or a jacket on. Yes, a coat or a jacket might not be able to protect your dog completely, but it works as a source of encouragement for your door to feel protected while outdoors. Starting from answering nature’s call to going out for a walk, your dog will be ready to do everything with a coat or a jacket on its body.

And if you love to see your dog in clothes, then you can always keep it wearing a t-shirt. There is simply no dearth of cute t-shirts in the market. All you need is to select one on the basis of suitability.

An adorable collar for your dog-

Buying a cute dog collar doesn’t seem like a daunting task. It’s a small accessory that doesn’t even have a lot of features in it to make you feel confused. But in reality, selecting the right collar can take some thought. You will have to keep a lot of considerations in mind before zeroing in on one particular colour variety. What these considerations are? These considerations include the design of the collar, the amount of comfort it can offer your dog and of course, your and your dog’s likes and dislikes.

So, these are definitely some of the most happening dog accessories that you can find in the market. What makes you wait? Just pick one of them and make your dog feel special!