Growth of Block Chain Companies and Cryptocurrencies: Pointer to the Future

The market capitalization of the cryptocurrencies has touched $615 billion. This includes online currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and many more. Though this presents the future of online currency in every respect, due appreciation for the technology behind this online scenario seems to be lacking steam. The blockchain is the driving force for the currencies and there is little mention of what is happening on this front.

Top Financial Companies include Block Chain Companies

We see the prosperity of the blockchain companies in the way the founders of a few of the companies made into the Forbes’ list and the Fintech 50 List as the Hottest Block chain Companies with the richest people in cryptocurrency. Founders of Coinbase and Ripple were there in this list.

Using the blockchain is now becoming the norm though many companies still prefer to use the stock paper and pen ledgers for keeping track of the progress of the company. The Fintech 50 is the list of top 50 global financial companies. That 11 companies of the top 50 used blockchain technology points at the way new businesses viewed the technology. It shows the acceptance of the progress that the blockchain has made and were ready to use all its advantages for bettering their own business prospects.

Versatility of the Blockchain Network

And indeed why not? The blockchain is not a mere ledger for maintaining records but also provider of proof of work. You could encrypt documents and maintain records of diamonds, shares, and much more. By decentralizing the command, it offered the user an equal chance for participation – something that has never happened before! This meant that they could act independently and work towards a common aim without any kind of interference from any financial or political authority. This gave the user freedom in several aspects and the people began to appreciate the benefits by using their new freedom.

This explains the involvement of the new companies using blockchain technology, their abandonment and the way results were unfettered by any kind of authority. This helped those companies produce results faster and became more competitive in the market. So, what makes these Block chain Companies different? The decentralized ledger opened the working field to a wider range of workers. is the startup changing the way the world transacts. It imagines a safer and logical way to keep these transactions safe. This provides the widely used Bitcoin Wallet and is hugely trusted by people from all walks of life.

Expanding Horizons of the Blockchain

The way new businesses are eagerly picking up the blockchain technology for their business to business interaction is seen in the new companies such as block.One and Power Ledger. The other significant businesses are Blockchain Taxi, a taxi service provider and TraDove. Blockchain Taxi uses drones for ferrying passengers. It is only natural for new frontiers in business to seek and help each other out. TraDove helps B2B solutions prosper and thrive by enhancing endorsements of businesses and people on the blockchain network.

Yes, the blockchain companies are different because they use blockchain. And yet, they are pointed at the future where everyone will use blockchain for almost everything in life.