10 free local SEO tools for small businesses

Most business owners of small businesses do not lay in enough emphasis on marketing since they are trying to focus on giving value to the few customers they have, counting on referrals as their strategy. Study shows that over a million businesses have grown through the use of local rank tracker that has made monitoring keywords possible for their sites.

However, marketing is such a powerful tool especially in integrating it with technology, which necessitates the need for SEO. As you focus on providing value to your already acquired customers, let SEO do the marketing for you.

Regardless of the nature of your business, SEO has been made possible by local tools available for use. This might just be your lucky day because we have put together for you ten free local SEO tools that will work for your business.

Schema creator

This free tool helps you create and correct your schema markup. This means that search engines can find your business’s’ site more descriptive. It is the schema markup that communicates with search engines in such a way to improve the user experience.


For small businesses, the pressure to have to create and share content as regularly as possible poses the challenge of content duplication.

This unique tool helps you check for plagiarism as well as alert you on duplicated content so that you are aware of content originality and can control information theft as well.

Google trends

This one is a tool by Google that lets you compare topics and contents. It also keeps you updated on the trends in your industry so that you are better informed on what type of content to create for your consumers.

PageSpeed insights

Users today are all about high-quality experience, and search engines are likely to rank you higher if your pages have a short loading time.

This tool helps you track your pages speed and gives you insights, this way you can appropriately adjust giving your users an experience that will definitely bring them back to your page.

Mobile-friendly test

Most internet users today rely on mobile technology. For this reason, it becomes imperative to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly without tasking your users with an extra duty of adjusting their screens or changing their settings.

This is a must-have tool which allows you to adjust your business most favorably to your audience.


This is a tool that crawls directories on sites and helps you identify opportunities for your business to be listed on search engines.

The benefit of being listed on search engines is that users get to easily find you in their searches, increasing the probability of being considered for content consumption.

Keyword planner

Knowing the right words to use that users can relate to is vital in SEO. This SEO tool feeds you with relevant keywords by showing you related searches of keywords that users are searching for n your location.

As a small business, a keyword planner tool is a unique tool because lets you look for keywords relevant in your industry and location so that you can come up with keywords that reach out to your required target group.

Open site explorer

A great way to drive traffic to a site is the use of backlinks, which are links that one website gets from another, and are very efficient in ranking a sire high in the search engines’ results.

The open site explorer is useful for backlinks analysis, identifying linksthat redirect people to your site. This is an exceptional tool for finding relevant links to draw traffic to your site.


It is highly likely thatcompetitors are among your worries as a small business owner.

As you work to ensure you stay ahead of what your competitors are doing, there is a tool here for your rescue.

SimilarWeb is a free easy to use tool that allows you to compare traffic between websites, which means you can pinpoint your competitors and know how well you are doing in comparison to them.


This is a free SEO plugin for sites that allow you to customize your content in the most basic styles.  As a small business owner, the tool is a great way to brush up on the simple areas of text and image optimization.

The features of this Yoast tool will let you adjust your Meta description, keywords, tags, snippets, among many others, right before you post content on your website.

So there you have it people – 10 free SEO tools to help you out in promoting your business online. Pick up a couple, use them, and see your business will grow into a remarkably prominent and renowned entity.