Visas Are The Entry Passes For Any Foreign Country

Visas act as a direct entry pass into a new nation. Without visas a person cannot enter the boundaries of a foreign country. It gives person a citizenship right of that particular country. If someone wishes to reside in United States then they are required to apply for a U.S visa. There are certain procedures associated with issuing of visas and it is to be followed by the applicant. Each country has their own set of rules for visas. If a person wants to get a visa for U.S.A then they need to obtain it from the United States diplomatic missions. Rules are different for applying for Puerto Rico and for the Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Conditions for Applying For Entry Visas: Virgin Islands
  • One need to ensure whether they are a permanent resident of US or not.
  • A citizen belonging form British overseas territory need to have a connection with Neruda
  • The applicants are required to hold a form named I-512 for purposes of authorisation.

However, the Mexican citizens are liable to travel in the United States without a passport but under certain conditions. One important condition is that the person needs to hold a border crossing card.

Types of U.S visas

There are almost 185 types of visas but the visa for U.S.A can be classified into two broad categories and they are:

Non-migrant visa: This type of visa for U.S.A can be obtained only if a person wants to visit the country for just a temporary visit like buses work to tour.

Immigrant visas: It is meant for those who intend to migrate permanently into the country of U.S. In case of attaining the status of permanent residence then an individual has to obtain a green card too. A green card serves as an evidence of permanent residence.

Applying process

  • A number of steps are involved before a person obtains a visa. The order of the steps might vary by U.S embassy or consulate.
  • Online application forms are available for completing procedure related to visas smoothly as well as efficiently.
  • After filling up the concerned forms, the confirmation page is to be printed for interviews. Interview procedures varied for different age-groups. For example, children belonging to the age group of fewer than 13 years are spared from the interview process. Exceptions also exist for those belonging to 80 and older ones.

Documentations for interview

  • A visa applicant is required to present certain documents when they appear for an interview which includes a valid passport and other documents.
  • In order to present document for purpose of the trip, employment evidence will be sufficient.
  • The interview process is a way to check whether an applicant is eligible to receive a visa for U.S.A or not.

It can be concluded that a person has to go through the norms and procedures before they apply for a visa. They should make sure that they appear in the interview with appropriate documents. It will help them to obtain visas without any sort of problems.